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Micro UPS for X-Meter    Bestell-Nr:XM UPS

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Micro UPS for X-Meter



It is a very small uninterruptible group with modern batteries (lithium polymer), dedicato ad dedicated to supply apparatus X-Meter to a maximum 4 hours.

  • These Lithium polymers batteries, besides offering a great capacityweight- size ratio, also allows a very low self-discharge, so as to assure autonomy even after days of power shortage.
  • 3 LEDs on the front panel and an internal buzzer able to indicate all the main operation information.
  • A front button that allows to enable or disable the output
  • If the event of a power shortage occurs, the UPS will indicate self-switch off after about 5 minutes. During this period of time it is possible to extend the operation through battery indefinitely simply by pressing the front button (this function can be disabled).
  • Internal protections against output short-circuit, output over-charge and other errors relating to internal batteries and over-heating.
  • Analogical output interfaced with X-Meter device for sending information to the user about the UPS error or power shortage.