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C as Connections C as Confalonieri and since 1979 C as C.matic… the right attitude to fittings!



C.matic was founded as a pneumatic fitting and special component manufacturer after a long term experience as a subcontractor of high precision metal parts.

Years of expansion led to a radical change in the original craftsman workshop activity. The workshop turned into a company whose main objective is to project, develop and manufacture a line of pneumatic fittings.

C.matic’s philosophy pivots on the extreme sensitivity to the ever changing market requirements , the focus on new materials and the development of new products. Deep- rooted Quality awareness is the reason C.matic achieved the Quality Assurance Systems according to the ISO 9001 in early 1994. In 2003 C.matic updated the Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2000 Standards, more commonly known as VISION 2000.

Top Quality together with a high company flexibility make of C.matic the right business partner to work with.

Today C.matic can boast a very wide range of fittings covering every possible requirement. Our sales programme offers different fitting lines ranging from push to connect brass nickel-plated, acetal , stainless steel 316 fittings, to push to connect fittings for grease installations, one touch and olive fittings , function fittings, valves, flow controls , quick couplers and multiple-couplers.