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about us

Today more than ever, the introduction of a new technology must create immediate added value, providing concrete and measurable economic returns meeting time constraints, reducing costs, increasing productivity and competitiveness.

Mect's pills:

  • Estabilished in 1982 by initiative and enterpreneurship of Eng. Miretti, MECT has always been in continuous expansion.
  • Moved in the today's offices in Alpignano (Torino) in 1992, nowadays MECT is constituted by a dynamic and skilled team whom offers to the Customers not only electronics, but also software, ideas and services.
  • Since the beginning, MECT is focused on both the design and the production of instruments and digital panel devices. Its experience of almost thirty years is certified by a wide range of model of displays, thermoregulators, counters and converters. Its countinuos technical evolution is shown by the new control and automation product series.
  • 100% Italian manufacturer and constructor, MECT outperforms its competitors in the capability to provide specific and custom-built solutions.
    One of its point of strength is the technical department which works to support the company's mission: resolve and satisfy the Customers' requests by offering solutions tailored on particular needs.
  • Integrity and honesty, accuracy and reliability, versatility and flexibility are the basis of its philosophy.
  • SME for choice and for strong trust in people's value as the path towards great achievements.


Being on the market for 30 years, our Company gained a valuable experience in the design and manufacturing of CONTROL PANELS INSTRUMENTS AND SENSORSwhich are  tailored to optimization and performance enhancement.

Products continuous and constant improvement is granted by our Technical Department where highly experienced and always up-to-date engineers and technicians design the Hardware , the Firmware and the Software of our products; in-house product engineering is performed through automated place&route tools.

The expertise and competence of our Technical Department allows our Company to support its Customers in choosing the best of breed technical solutions that satisfy their needs also through completely ad-hoc applications.
All of our products have CE Mark approval.
Since 1998 Mect Srl adopted a ISO9002 compliant quality management system and starting from 2003 the Company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Our mainstream products are:
CONTROL PANELS: Based on Real Time Linux OS, on board HMI and IEC 61131-3 standard PLC programming tools

-Displays: Connect sensors for pressure, temperature, resistance, voltage and current measurement and control;
-Thermoregulators: to display and regulate temperature;
-Counters and Timers: to measure time speed and count events;
SENSORS: to measure air speed;
SIGNAL CONDITIONERS: DIN case with triple/quadruple insulating.