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PROMAX was established in 1963 by José Clotet Llorca in Barcelona to design, manufacture and sell electronic testing and measuring instruments.

The first systems that the Company designed were laboratory instruments. Specifically, our efforts began with the design of a television signal generator, a voltmeter and a power source. All began to be marketed one year after our foundation. This innovative spirit of the first few years has been maintained to the present day, giving us a dynamic momentum of continuous, consistent growth.

The next few years saw the launch of our first oscilloscopes, field meters for radio and television, low frequency generators, AM/FM generators, etc. All these instruments operated using valves, naturally!

The constant advances in the fields of electronics and telecommunications have challenged us to keep our range of products on the cutting edge. Rapid technological change has implied the continual redesign of the various instruments we produce. Therefore, while also broadening our range, we are ceaselessly striving to maintain a position of leadership and competitiveness in our existing product lines. By investing a steady 15% of our total turnover to R & D, we have fully achieved this double objective.

Over the years, productivity and quality have been the other key factors in our business strategy. To this end, we have always attempted to incorporate the latest manufacturing and process control technologies in our plants.

Today, PROMAX is a leading Company in the information and communications technology sector, and in the field of measuring and testing equipment. We hold a large quantity of patents and manufacture a wide range of instruments and applications. Among others, we are renowned for our instruments employed in the installation, certification and maintenance of fibre optics networks, base band systems like MPEG2, and broad band services such as Cable TV, Satellite and Terrestrial Digital Television, etc.