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INSTRUMENTACIÓN INDUSTRIAL ZURC S.A.; is an international company founded in 1963.  
Our company is distinguished by design, manufacture and sells instruments for measurement and control in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
This involvement in the design facilitates a continuous improvement of the products and services that we offer, following the standards and market development; not only in the national market but also internationally; whose representation extends through all over the world, at the five continents. 
The improvement and the adaptation of our products is the result of a closer relationship with our customers, who have helped bring us closer to the reality and needs of the market.  Each of our developments has its origins in the analysis of these suggestions; this allows us to offer a wide range of products and a high quality services, fully geared to meet the needs of our customers.
Our products were originally focused on analogue measurement instruments, but as the market trend and the necessities of our customers, we diversified our portfolio of products such as digitals and programmable instruments, electric generator controller, multifunction measurement, digital instruments DC solar energy application, electrical energy meters, power supply analyzers, transducers, current transformers, shunts from 1A until 20.000A
Our organization is geared to the "customer satisfaction" in a responsible and efficient way, and we are working every day to be a benchmark for our customers and market.  We have a full team able to attend your inquiries, offering always a solution for you.