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Company Profile

Iskra is a global provider of industrial solutions and electrotehnical products. We are the largest national company in the fields of  process automation, communications and security systems for power distribution, transmission, networking, powerline communications, railway and road traffic and software solutions in the field of energy sector and logistics. We produce power capacitors, capacitors for use in electronics, radio interference suppression components, switchgears, electrical measuring instruments, batteries, antennas, cores and potentiometers and offer services un the fields of galvanization, toolshop, electrical measuring laboratory and management and maintenance of buildings.

Our headquarter is in the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana, but we have markets all over the world. Our expertise of work is divided into eight strategic business areas:

  • Energy sector
  • System and device parts
  • Efficient installations
  • Traffic
  • Telecommunications
  • IT and business solutions
  • Security, supply and management
  • Other services.

With over 65 years of experience with the most demanding industrial projects, Iskra today comprises a unique combination of comprehensive engineering knowledge,  innovative bleeding-edge technologies and outstanding business excellence that enable us to globally provide and deploy a broad range of effective solutions, tailored to fit our customers’ needs.