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Efficiency gas / methane

Efficiency gas / methane

It’s very important to monitor and manage gas methane consumptions as for example in electricity. A profitable management of energy requirements can’t be performed only according to the detections made by the meter, but it needs also the acquisition of information on the samples of different users.

It’s essential to have additional measuring points within the distribution network in order to optimize consumptions allocation of the sub-utilities and, in the meantime, to check the accuracy of the amount billed by the supplier.

The data of general meter and of sub-points for measurement are acquired, registered and processed by a single device: X-RWU GOLD. Thanks to ethernet or GSM/GPRS communication modules, it’s allowed the instrument visibility by remote with the supply of Service for Web data publication.

Solution for Gas Methane monitoring

X-RWU GOLD is an innovative Data Logger which gets, registers and manages data, to process the analysis of actual consumptions and their loads profi les estimates.
This tool is easy and versatile, it records data each quarter of hour with considerable storage capacity.

Displaying Data

  • Management and reading data through stand- alone software ES3
  • Web Telemetering data through WEB interface

Efficiency gas / methane